Florals Still Lifes Landscapes

Artist's Statement -

I am a watercolor artist who is passionate about painting the beauty of nature.  My artwork captures fleeting moments when the magic of light changes the ordinary into the extraordinary, and ranges in scope from intimate florals and still lifes to panoramic landscapes.  The use of numerous layers of saturated color, intricate details and patterns, and strong value contrasts enable me to create the highly sensory interpretation of the world I love!


Awards -

Minnesota Watercolor Society (MWS) Spring Juried Exhbition, Best of Show ("White Peonies"), 2013

Recipient of a McKnight Individual Arttist Grant awarded by the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council (SEMAC) in March of 2013.

Signature Member of the Minnesota Watercolor Society (MWS), 2012

Red Wing's Fall Festival of the Arts, Award of Merit, 2011

MSW Fall Exhibition, Award of Merit ("Harvest"), 2011

MSW Spring Juried Exhibition, Award of Merit ("Cones in the Breeze"), 2011

MWS Fall Exhibition, Honorable Mention ("Backyard Beauties"), 2010


My Approach to Painting -

I consider myself a realistic watercolor artist, but I actually see my subject matter in an abstract way, as an overall design created by connecting shapes and values.  I find that while painting, at some point, an inner source takes over and by simply letting go I am able to follow its guidance. It is at these times that I am “in the zone” and the painting truly seems to paint itself.

When choosing a subject to paint I am most intrigued by compositions that contain elements of strong contrast: light vs. dark, organic vs. manmade, smooth vs. rough. I also love rich details and intricate patterns especially ones that are juxtaposed next to large open spaces. The actual painting process begins by laying down the basic connecting shapes, and then adding layers of ever-deepening color, texture, and final details. My goal is that the interesting placement of basic shapes first draws the viewer’s eye into the artwork, and then the richness and depth of details cause the eye to stay and linger a while and become immersed in the subject.

I am continuously learning about this medium, experimenting with its fluidity, testing its limits, and pushing it to see how far I can go without the dreaded muddiness occurring. It reminds me a lot of one’s life that grows richer and more meaningful with every layer of knowledge and experience added to it, but is always trying to maintain a sense of balance and harmony as unexpected events occur.

Watercolor, in my mind, is the perfect medium, both physically and figuratively, with which to convey my message. Like light, water is vital to all creation; when mixed with pigment, its fluid nature and unexpected movement symbolize the flow of life. This medium both challenges and fascinates me as I work at capturing the ever-present, ever-changing beauty of our world.