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13 x 17 - SOLD
Fall is my favorite time of the year, when the earth sings of the lush abundance of the season. It is a time for gathering the rich rewards of harvest - the fruits,vegetables, and grains that so enrich our lives.

For thousands of years people all around the world have depended upon these fruits of the earth for survival. For many, corn was the main food eaten at every meal. All parts of the plant were used and nothing was thrown away. The husks were braided and woven for masks, moccasins, baskets and dolls; corncobs were used for fuel, and gourds were used as utensils and containers.

When I set up this still life, I was reminded of these things. The richness of the fall colors struck me as sunlight bathed the gourds and ears of Indian corn, and the warm glow emitted caused me to think of this season of gathering, of sharing, of thanksgiving. How fortunate we are to be given these magnificent gifts, not essential to our survival as in days of old, but simply for our enjoyment. It truly is a time to be thankful!

Original Watercolor (Matted Size 18 x 24) - 495.00

Recipient of Award of Merit from Minnesota Watercolor Society 2011 Fall Exhibition.