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The Lineup

9 x 13 1/2 - SOLD
When I saw these five apples lined up on my windowsill, I was immediately attracted to the overall composition. The white highlights and deep elongated shadows created by the afternoon sunlight, along with the dark green background emphasizing the apples’ curved shapes, formed an abstract design that contained the elements of strong value contrast that I enjoy painting. Added to this was a fun, playful feeling as the overlapping, interconnected shapes caused my eye to skip from one apple to the next. It made me think of a line of excited young dancers getting ready to perform on stage. From a distance they all seem quite similar in appearance, but each is actually very unique. For up close one becomes aware of the differences in coloring, identifying features, and personalities . . . similar and yet different. It is a reminder of how we too all are interconnected with one another, having many similarities yet with our own differences that make us so unique.

Original Watercolor (Framed Size 18 x 22)