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Pears and a Bowl

16 x 12 - SOLD
I knew as soon as I saw this still life arrangement on my sunlit table that I had to paint it! The light weaving its way through the bowl and pears created absolutely breathtaking patterns that were of another world. The objects formed a display of great contrasts – the dark, opaque pears juxtaposed against the beautiful crystal bowl; the intricate design of red, blue and gold delicately breaking through the thick glass; and the crisp white light outlining the pear’s deep purple shadow. How could three such everyday objects create a playful dance of color and light such as this? Can our own lives be so enriched with unexpected beauty and joy as well when we allow our eyes and hearts to truly see the magnificence of the light-bathed world around us?

Original Watercolor (Framed Size 25 x 20)

Prints available.