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Gently Flows a River

14 x 20 - SOLD
There is a particular spot along the river trail that always catches my eye as I walk in the Cannon Valley Wilderness Area near Northfield. It causes me to stop and reflect upon its apparent beauty as the river winds gently around a bend and flows towards me on it inevitable journey eastward. Rocks and boulders of various sizes create a slightly threatening obstacle course in the shallow water; but seemingly unmindful or unconcerned by the disturbances, the ever-flowing stream weaves its way onward.

I love the contrast one finds in this waterscape - smooth water with myriad tree reflections cast upon its surface juxtaposed by irregularly shaped rock formations that jut forth from the dark waters below. The beauty of this scene, however, lies beyond its obvious visual nourishment, for it also provides a reminder of the course we are all on as we navigate our way in life. Just as the river flows in and out, over, around and beyond the rocks in its way, we too can move past the obstacles and challenges that come along, trusting that in the end we will safely reach our destination.

Original Watercolor (Framed Size 18 x 24)