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The Cascade

14 x 20 1/2 - AVAILABLE
A September hike in the Cascade River State Park south of Grand Marais took me to one of nature's havens for quenching the soul's thirst. The trail led through a dense hardwood-conifer forest of yellow birch, aspen, spruce, and white cedar accented with blazing red sumac. It took us over hilly terrain high above the powerful foaming river, and then lowered itself to the water's edge where we crossed molten lava bedrock eroded by streams cascading on their downward journey to Lake Superior.

I was overwhelmed here by the power and magnitude of Nature's will - here, where I came so close to the erosive forces of the Cascade as it cut its ever-deepening gorge through the ancient basalt lava floor. As I soaked in the timeless beauty with its therapeutic sense of constancy and oneness, I felt the strong will, determination, and persistence of the mighty Cascade. I was reminded that this really is the same will and power present within all of us, coming from the same Source that enables us to forge ahead, and to carve our way as we continue our journey in life.

Original Watercolor (Framed Size - 21 x 27) - $495.00