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Cannon River

13 x 19 - SOLD
Spring is a beautiful time to walk in the Cannon Valley Wilderness Area near Northfield, Minnesota. The trail is especially picturesque in the beginning where it closely parallels the river and offers wide-open views of the water and its banks. The most magical time to experience this is in late afternoon when the sun is close to setting. This particular painting is from a photo taken as I looked back onto the river toward the sun as it lowered itself toward the horizon. Long, dark shadows fell across the river's calm water onto its mirror-like surface that glistened white in the sunlight. It was breathtaking to see the contrast between the dark, angular tree shadows and the hazy atmosphere of the back lit trees that lined the far banks. How fortunate we are to be able to witness nature's marvelous sights such as this in order to replenish our spirits.

Original Watercolor (Matted Size 18 x 24)