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Along the Cannon River

12 1/2 x 18 1/2 - SOLD
It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in late April when I took this photo in the Cannon Valley Wilderness Area. As I walked the trail that runs parallel to the river, evidence was everywhere of spring as she awakened from her long sleep. The time of day was perfect for witnessing a magnificent show, and my thirsty eyes took in all the sign of rebirth and renewal. The sun's rays spotlighted small patches of green grass here and there, and cast a glow on the faint beginnings of tree buds that hugged otherwise-barren branches. Across the river stood a long wall of exposed sandstone rising some thirty feet up from the water. Its sun drenched colors were a mixture of blue, gray, gold and rust that were mirrored in silent reflections on the water's still surface. Adding to the magnificence were stark poplar trees clothed in their white garb as they clung to the rock's flat wall.

Absorbing all of nature's beauty at a time such as tihis, one becomes physically and emotionally refreshed and renewed, as if also awakening from the long dormancy of winter.

Original Watercolor (Framed Size 18 x 24)