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Eastern Bluebird

12 x 12 - SOLD
One of my great joys of summertime is witnessing the beauty of the Eastern Bluebird. The male often can be seen darting about at the edge of its meadowland habitat, its large eyes scanning the ground for prey. Or it can be seen alertly perched on a bare branch ever ready to swoop down after an unsuspecting insect. Like a flash of light, my attention is drawn to the distinctive royal blue on back and head and the reddish-brown of its breast as it sails through the meadow also on the lookout for trees that offer suitable nest holes. My spirits are always lifted by its unique short, wavering call that breaks the silence of the open grasslands and I am filled gratitude for this marvelous creature of cheer and happiness.

Prints available (8 x 10) - $55.00