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Staying Warm

11 x 14 - SOLD
One sight that instantly warms my heart during the cold days of winter is a brilliantly colored cardinal perched outside my window. Although most of the recognition goes to the male decked out in his crimson glory, the female is every bit as spectacular to behold!! Clothed in her fawn and grayish-brown dress, accented by reddish tints on her wings, crest and tail feathers, she humbly poses on a snow-covered branch laden with tasty berries ready for feasting. Her brightly colored beak and black facemask are the final distinguishing marks that endear her to all. And when this lovely creature's brilliant whistled song breaks through the stillness of our wintery backyards, we can almost hear her cheering us on, calling out, "Be strong, keep the faith! This too shall pass!" She is a reminder of those forever-giving individuals in our lives who encourage us and never ask for recognition or anything in return. How fortunate we are for life's wonderful gifts that come in all sizes!

Prints available (11 x 14 Matted) - $55.00