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The Acrobat

14 x 11 - AVAILABLE
The American Goldfinch is a gregarious bird, an agile acrobat, and a joy to watch. In the summer the male readily attracts one's attention, donned in his vibrant yellow coat with black and white markings and jet black cap. In search of food, this strict vegetarian flits through open weedy fields where seeds are in great abundance. His distinctive song can be heard as he moves in a wave-shaped path, calling out as he lifts up and then silent as he coasts along in an arc. Nature has provided him with great balance and nimble feet that enable him to perch on any stem while twisting his body to get to hard-to-reach seeds and fruit. The bouncy, undulating flight pattern and the active and acrobatic antics of these sociable birds make for great entertainment. How wonderful for Nature to provide us with such vivacious little creatures to bring joy into our lives.

Original Watercolor (Framed Size 12 x 12) - $225.00