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Winter Walk

14 x 19 - SOLD
A late afternoon winter walk in Big Woods State Park near Northfield, Minnesota, offers many a mystical scene such as this. Upon entering the forest a feeling of reverence overwhelms one. The sun, low in the sky, transforms the forest into an Impressionistic painting, its rays weaving their way through the barren tree trunks. Long, blue shadows stretch across the pathís pink and turquoise blanket of snow, only to get swallowed up by the trees on the opposite side. Itís an eerie, yet oddly comforting feeling to realize you are not the first to travel the path that day, for a lone set of footprints leads you on. A valuable message is written on this snowy path. Itís a reminder of the connections we have with others, even strangers; how we all share the same earth, as have generations before us, and generations upon generations before them. We become acutely aware of the necessity to be faithful stewards of this planet so those yet to come can walk in beauty as well.

Original Watercolor (Framed Size 22 x 26)