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Raging River

14 x 19 1/2 - SOLD
What first caught my attention was the roaring sound that accompanied me on an October hike alongside the fast-flowing Temperance River on northern Minnesotaís Superior Hiking Trail. I could hear the river along my side, but only saw it in bits and pieces, until the trail curved sharply to the left and opened the way for an incredible view. It was an overcast day and the white sky created a blinding brilliance as it reflected off the rough water and wet boulders. The contrast was exquisite between this and the rich green, gold and rust colors that formed a backdrop along the way.

Rivers are a beautiful metaphor for the flow of life. Seldom are we able to know what lies ahead as we move along on the course. Sometimes all is smooth and it is easy to go with the current, while at other times there is turbulence and we feel as though the riverís raging arms are dragging us down. If only we can remember to go with the flow, to ride the waves as we move through the ever-changing ups and downs, trusting that calmer waters are ahead. Looking out towards the shores assures us that natureís beauty is always present to provide peace and comfort along the way.

Original Watercolor (Framed Size 22 1/2 x 27 1/2)