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Looking East

15 1/2 x 11 1/2 - SOLD
I love sunflowers! How beautiful and uplifting it is to see a field of their round faces smiling radiantly as they look to the morning sun. They are such unique flowers, rather awkward in proportion with tall, gangly bodies and enormous dark heads fringed with golden locks. Standing proudly, they keep their eyes constant on the sun as it faithfully makes its day's journey to the other side. And as darkness approaches, the flowers rest and renew themselves for yet another day of living and giving. How wonderful it is to have these cheery feel-good flowers that provide physical and emotional nourishment to us! What a lesson we can learn from them about keeping our eyes fixed on the Sun so that we, too, may receive the nourishment necessary for our own lives and that of those around us.

Original Watercolor (Matted Size 20 x 16)