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Day Lilies

14 1/2 x 10 1/2 - SOLD
The ubiquitous daylily! One can find this prolific bloomer in places east to west, north to south, its orange or yellow flowers adorning roadside ditches and formal gardens alike, from late spring until late autumn. The plant demands little attention and thrives in all climates, and nearly all soil and light conditions. Its genus name Hemerocallis so aptly describes this steadfast plant, for the Greek word “hermera’ means day and “kalos” means beauty. It alludes to the flower’s life cycle, one that begins as it opens each day at sunrise and ends as it withers each evening at sunset. The following day it is replaced by another flower on the same stem, thus providing a constant source of beauty. Because the daylily is so commonplace, its beauty is often overlooked.

Life is filled with people who exhibit similar qualities as this flower, those whose beauty often goes unnoticed. Theirs is a beauty that comes not from outward appearances, but rather from steadfastness, dependability and selfless giving for the sole purpose of enhancing the lives of others. These are truly the most beautiful people of all.

Original Watercolor (Matted Size 20 x 16)