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Backyard Beauties

23 x 17 - AVAILABLE
The photo for this painting was taken in my backyard on a beautiful summer morning. The peach colored irises were bathed in intense sunshine. The back lighting transformed the petals into abstract patterns of brilliant rippling shapes and contrasting blue shadows that beckoned me to paint them.

The iris takes its name from the Greek word for "rainbow" and is considered the flower of the Greek Goddess Iris, the Messenger of Love who used the rainbow to travel from heaven to earth. The delicate and eloquent appearance of these showy flowers is quite misleading as the iris is actually extremely hardy, with creeping rhizomes that enable it to grow in varied regions worldwide from deserts to swamps to grassy meadows. Its finely engineered shape is a unique marvel of Creation: the petal-like "falls" serve as a landing pad for pollinators and are adorned with bright lines that act as nectar guides, directing pollinating insects to the orange mouth of the blossom. In addition, colorful fuzzy "beards" give the insect something to hold on to as it enter the blossom in search of nectar, and once within, it squeezes into the narrow opening and pollen is scraped from its body, thus beginning the amazing germination process. This is truly another amazing marvel of Creation, one linking heaven to earth.

Original Watercolor (Framed Size - 31 x 24 1/2) - $1095.00