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Purple Coneflowers

14 1/2 x 22 - SOLD
The colors of the purple coneflower are absolutely spectacular when spotlighted by the afternoon sun's rays, as these were when spotted in a lovely courtyard garden. Such a vibrant and unusual color palette they create . . . the iridescent red-orange cone-shaped centers surrounded by soft, droopy purple petals that shimmer and shine as they sway atop long slender stems. All of this set against the dense green foliage makes for an energizing and uplifting sight!

The beauty of the coneflower goes beyond its spectacular blossoms, however, for this robust, drought tolerant plant is a great contributor to the garden's ecosystem. It is one of the best butterfly and bee attractors around, as well as an enticement for feeding hummingbirds. As a profuse bloomer that reseeds itself, this plant continues to provide food for months, from early summer to fall and even beyond when its dried centers supply seeds for goldfinches and chickadees throughout the winter. In addition, its leaves have long been used for making tea and in herbal medicines. So often we can learn valuable lessons simply by observing the plant and animal world around us. One can look to the purple coneflower as a reminder of unselfish giving.

Original Watercolor (Framed Size - 23 x 29 1/2)