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19 x 13 - AVAILABLE
Seeing hollyhocks takes me back to my youth, and spending summers at our cabin along the St. Croix River near Afton, Minnesota. I remember seeing these erect plants with their huge, wide-opened faces staring into the sun. Most often they’d be leaning against an old abandoned house, or lining a weathered picket fence overcome by weeds. I always wondered why such magnificent showy flowers weren’t treated to a more deserving spot in a garden amongst the beautiful roses. When I view hollyhocks now as an adult, I am always overcome with feelings of nostalgia. Even today it seems these stately flowers seldom hold a place of prominence, yet always stand tall and upright like survivors who have been through tough times. Their message reminds one of those who live with great strength, pride and hope no matter what the circumstances, and of the incredible beauty that radiates from within.

Original Watercolor (Framed Size 27 x 21) - $995.00

Prints available.