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White Peonies

34 x 45 - AVAILABLE

Winner of "Best of Show" at the 2013 Minnesota Watercolor Society Spring Juried Exhibition.

When one experiences the beauty of a prolific blooming peony plant it is easy to understand why they are regarded by some cultures as an omen of good fortune. The fullness and abundance of the blossoms, as well as the richness of intricate detail and the sweetness of aroma are the embodiment of prosperity. I was fortunate to witness this beauty on a morning walk as I passed a bed f white peonies that glowed in the morning sun spotlighting the blossoms' sparkling petals. What a good fortune it is to have such unlimited beauty available to us - all we have to do is open our eyes and experience the splendor of this magnificent world we have been given!

Original watercolor - $2695.00