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17 x 17 - AVAILABLE
Immersed in the beauty of a local botanical garden, I was drawn to a bed of profusely blooming white peonies. Always a lover of these magnificent flowers, I stood mesmerized by the abundant carpet of white blossoms all in varying stages of development as they clung to their long, slender stems. How metaphorical this scene appeared to me, representing the many stages of one's own life.
A singular white flower in particular stood out for me because of its uniquely shaped form with an unusual, pink petal-like protrusion at its base. The blossom was not in full bloom yet, the possibility of never reaching its full potential evident as the outer edges of many petals were already showing brown, life-ending signs. Although far from perfect in terms of traditional flower beauty, it was radiant in its uniqueness, its confidence and security. I found myeelf wondering how often we as humans fell confident and secure about ourselves when we stand out from the crowd in "less than perfect" ways, as deemed by mainstream society. Is it possible for us to gain wisdom from the flowers of the world that stand erect and upright, flowing with radiance amidst their imperfections?

Original Watercolor - $450.00