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Gathering Nourishment

9 x 12 - SOLD
The story of the monarch butterfly is one of the most beautiful stories every told. It is a story about a life filled with many dramatic changes from its beginning egg stage to its final metamorphic emergence four weeks later as a beautiful butterfly. This tiny creature continuously undergoes a massive amount of transition, from egg to larvae, from caterpillar to pupa, and lastly to butterfly as she emerges from the chrysalis and pumps stored fluid into her crinkled wings in preparation for her first taste of freedom. This story does not end there, however, as the monarch's purpose has not yet been completely fulfilled until she makes the inevitable journey south or propagates so that her offspring can continue the migratory journey for her.

The beauty of this story comes in the lessons one can learn from this marvelous creature. Symbolically the monarch asks us to accept the changes in our life with as much faith as she does, as she unquestioningly embraces the changes of her environment and her body. She reminds us of living a life with unwavering faith in which it is useless to fret about things that are beyond one's power. Her story is a beautiful reminder about acceptance and trust during times of transition and turmoil.

Original Watercolor (Framed Size - 12 x 16)