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9 x 12 - SOLD
The monarch butterfly is one of nature's most eloquent insects. I love watching this beautiful creature as it gently gathers life-supporting nectar from a flower, its wings gracefully drawn tight and intricately etched in stained glass patterns of orange and black. Each time I am graced by the monarch's presence, I am immediately awestruck by its beauty, but I am also reminded of its unique life story, one that is filled with periods of great transition and turmoil. Within a short life span of four to eight weeks, this tiny creature undergoes a massive amount of change as it moves through four stages - from egg to caterpillar, to chrysalis, and finally to butterfly.

Looking at the monarch's stages of life reminds one of the various stages we pass through in our own lives as well . . . from conception to adolescence, to adulthood and finally into old age. We begin so small and helpless, creeping along much like the caterpillar. At times we go through great periods of transition and change, often times in which we feel the need to spin a protective cocoon around us, cutting us off from the rest of the world and allowing time for introspection and reflection, or time to heal. The monarch's beautiful emergence from its chrysalis symbolizes for us the hope and faith that after difficult and trying times of change we, too, will emerge from our cocoon, metamorphosed into a renewed person, one who is filled with a strength, and sense of freedom and joy never felt before.

Original Watercolor (Framed Size 12 x 16)