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Basking in the Sun

9 x 12 - SOLD
Whenever I see a monarch I am reminded of yet another marvel of Nature. This amazing creature lives a very short life, with a life cycle unlike any other creature on earth. Most adult monarchs live only a few weeks, their sole purpose being the propagation of future generations who will eventually make the 30-mile migratory journey to overwinter in the warm climates of southern United States and Mexico. The butterflies that make the journey are the great-great-grandchildren of the butterflies that left the migration place the previous spring, yet somehow they find their way to the same spot year after year.

The monarch's wings are designed perfectly for this long flight; its black veins form a strong skeletal-like framework that enables it to endure the rigorous trip. These wings are made of thousands of tiny overlapping scales that give them their vibrant orange color and stained glass patterns. This arrangement of scales allows the butterfly's wings to shed moisture so they aren't too heavy to fly, while the orange spots signal an "I'm poisonous" warning to predators to stay away. Yet Mother Nature hasn't stopped here in her perfectly designed creation . . . for as the butterfly basks in the sun, its dark orange spots act like solar collectors, absorbing the sun's energy and allowing the insect's muscles to warm up to the 60 degrees F. necessary in order to fly.

How magnificent and awesome it is to be a part of this world in which the Master Engineer has so perfectly and lovingly taken care of each and every one of his creations!

Original Watercolor (Framed Size - 12 x 16)